Works of Hadj Nemat

Golshan-e Dad

Garden of Justice is a treatise in Persian verse comprised of some 170 segments featuring 14 verses each. At the end of each segment, the following two verses are repeated:

In all attributes it is You that we see
By essence, God, and by face, Ali.

O God, to the religion of truth do I swear Thee
To forgive the crimes of this sinner is my plea.

The main theme of this 164-page treatise is a description and explanation of the 28 spiritual ranks and the role that each of them has played during various times, including their individual impact on the governance of the world. Hadj Nemat believed that the affairs of the world have been entrusted to these 28 figures, of whom 24 are men and 4 are women.

In addition, Hadj Nemat discusses such topics as Soltan Eshaq, the 28 men of truth, the creation of the rest of the archangels, the story of the companions' request for the divine manifestation on earth and the conditions for this manifestation, the story of the creation of the earth, the heavens, and beings, etc. Due to his style of writing, he also alludes to such varied topics as the four stages of religion, autobiographical accounts about his internal states, an explanation of the Ahl-e Haqq dynasties, the promise of the divine manifestation and the 12th dynasty among the Ahl-e Haqq, the effects and signs of the theophany, primary principles and secondary rituals, prescriptions and proscriptions of the religion of truth, luminosity and tenebrosity, and the eight societies of Truth. As well, the treatise contains recommendations, counsel, and invocations.