Soltan Eshaq

Although the Ahl-e Haqq holy books state that the fundamental beliefs of this order have existed from the outset of creation to the present time, its official founder is Soltan Eshaq (or Sahak), also known as Lord of Grace, who lived in Kurdistan in the 14th century. Soltan's lineage traces back to Imam Musa Kazim, the 7th Shi'a Imam. His father was known as Sheykh Issi and his mother Khatoun Dayrak. After his father's death, Soltan migrated from Barzangeh to the village of Sheykhan in Iranian Kurdistan due to opposition from his brothers; his tomb is located in the same region. As a theophany, he established the precepts of the Ahl-e Haqq at the level of Truth based on the covenant of Perdivar. Soltan spent his entire life in seclusion in his native Kurdistan, away from the clamor of society, with only a few seekers of truth understanding the significance of his presence. During his life, the Ahl-e Haqq order gained official recognition and expanded as its laws and principles were revealed. (For more information, see Borhan ol-Haqq)