Testimonial 1

By Ostad Elahi, Hadj Nemat's son

"My father was quite stringent about respecting others, and also worked very hard to ensure my moral education and upbringing. I was a child when my father reprimanded me one day and said: 'Get out of here.' An elderly woman who was present asked: 'My dear, what did you do for your father to …' but I snubbed her before she could finish. She didn't say anything. Later, one of the dervishes relayed the following message from my father: 'Even if I were to forgive your first transgression, I will not forgive your second, which is breaking that old woman's heart, until you acquire her forgiveness.'"

"We had once gone to Darband in the region of Sahneh. The local governor, along with a few leaders of the Ahl-e Haqq, also came along and some friends had arranged an umbrella for them to provide shade from the hot sun. The others sat in the open. My father arrived, and as soon as he noticed the umbrella he said: 'Why are they sitting in the shade and the rest under the sun? What difference is there? Quickly remove the umbrella!' They reacted so hastily that the umbrella collapsed on top of them. Nonetheless, my father did not apologize and said: 'How were you willing to sit under the shade while the others were out under the sun? What difference is there between you? Are you not both of flesh and blood?'"