Testimonial 2

By Seyyed Tahmasb, a renowned leader of the Ahl-e Haqq

"I had heard that an individual by the name of Hadj Nemat had appeared in Jeyhounabad and performed a great many wonders and miracles. I went to Jeyhounabad to see for myself. People were sitting in a large room waiting to meet him, and there was only one empty spot by the door where I sat down. A dirty old man in rags was seated next to me. I kept thinking that someone of my stature shouldn't be sitting here among these people, as though they were my peers! After 10 or 20 minutes, Hadj Nemat arrived. It was customary for him to go around the room and kiss the hands of the participants. He kissed my hand and glanced at me without saying anything. When he came upon the old man next to me, he warmly kissed him and said: 'My dear, it is you and those like you that I love, it is your faith that I love; let those turbaned bigheads go about their own business….' After he finished greeting those who were present, he sat down, turned to me and said: I do not know this gentleman, who might he be?' I replied: 'Sir, I am precisely one of those turbaned bigheads!' He then counseled me and said: 'Here is the realm of Truth, and all are equal before God. See this old man in rags, what a special state he enjoys before the divine!'"