Ostad Elahi (1895-1974)

Ostad Elahi, the eldest child of Hadj Nemat, was born in Jeyhounabad in 1895. He was only five or six when his father underwent a spiritual transformation and turned to a life of seclusion and worship. Along with his mother, he also participated in his father's devotional gatherings. At the age of nine, he officially and fully began his ascetic practices, and at the age of 11 underwent a spiritual transformation at the tomb of Soltan Eshaq comparable to that of his father. His continuous cycle of ascetic practices with his father continued until he reached the age of 21.

A few years later, Ostad Elahi chose to enter mainstream society and accept a governmental post. Entering society was an exceedingly difficult test, but it enabled him to receive confirmation of the positive results of his spiritual asceticism, reflections, and discoveries. The outcome of Ostad Elahi's research and experiences is a cohesive and practical system of thought with which each person can shape his or her spiritual life. The goal of this approach is the evolution and perfection of the soul. Insofar as this system is founded on the natural desires and characteristics of human beings that conform to their inherent nature, he calls it "natural spirituality." At the same time, as this system is a new phenomenon that is based on the anatomy of the spiritual organism, he also calls it the new "medicine of the soul."

To date, two of Ostad Elahi's books have been published: Borhan ol-Haqq [Demonstration of the Truth, 1963] and Marefat ol-Rouh [Knowing the Spirit, 1968], the latter of which has been translated into French and English. Subsequently, his oral teachings were compiled and published in two volumes entitled Asar ol-Haqq [Traces of Truth, Vol I, 1997; Vol II, 1992]. In addition, he has written a commentary expounding on some of the expressions contained in Shahnameh-ye Haqqiqat [The Book of the Kings of Truth] written by his father.