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Works of Hadj Nemat

Works > Forqan ol-Moqaddas

Treatise on Sacred Prayers is an 88-page work comprised of 28 chapters or ciphers that mainly feature Hadj Nemat's intimate prayers and invocations in Persian prose. Due to his writing style, along with the sincere and heartfelt discourses with his Beloved he provides invaluable counsel to divine worshippers and harshly renounces the materialist dynasties that seek only this world.

The simplicity and fluidity of this work is such that it is as if Hadj Nemat simply picked up his pen and transcribed whatever he was feeling in his heart, and that which he normally uttered in his prayers and conversations with the divine; it is a true reflection of his intimate and sincere relationship with his God.

In several places, he prays for his family members and progeny, requesting their providence, bounty, and well-being. Amidst his prayers and invocations and with the utmost humility, he introduces himself as the Savior of divine worshippers and humbly reveals his mission as one of "having to proclaim the Truth," inviting people to avail themselves of the spiritual bounty that has been placed at his disposal by the Source and to save themselves.

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