Malak Jan Nemati (1906-1993)

Malak Jan, also known as "Jani" or "Sheykh Jani," was Hadj Nemat's eldest daughter. Though she spent only the first 13 years of her life with her father, she adopted her father's devout lifestyle marked by ascetic practices and prayers.

In accordance with her father's prediction, her vision began to gradually diminish at the onset of her adolescence, such that by the age of 20 she was completely blind. Malak Jan never married and lived her entire life in her ancestral village of Jeyhounabad.

Despite her blindness, she did not abandon her studies and was able to devise the means to receive an education notwithstanding her rural environment. She led an independent life and even administered her father's lands without relying on anyone.

Based on her spiritual observations and experiences, she would later choose her brother's line of thought and actively engage the process of spiritual perfection. Malak Jan's distinguished, affectionate, and yet resolute character led her to be a source of refuge for many in the region, especially women and children, who came to her for all kinds of material and spiritual assistance.